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A Visit To Long Island, NY

18th 2010

CliffWhite selects 019 A Visit To Long Island, NYWhen we first visited Cliff’s Tattoo in Centereach, NY we were prepared to do a Shop Spotlight feature on the storied ink studio and talk a little tattoo history with owner, Cliff White.

After spending about an hour at his shop and seeing all of the memorabilia and historical materials that Cliff had at his shop, we began to wonder how we were going to fit all of this material into one feature.

Then Cliff took us to his home, which is nothing shop of a museum of tattooing history. The collection runs from some of the earliest (and largest) flash sheets on record to tattooing equipment from well over a half century ago.

It soon became clear that this story would have to be a two-part series. Part I will explore Cliff White and his home collection, while Part II will focuse on the Cliff’s Tattoo shop on Long Island.

We’re sure you will enjoy this very special two-part feature. Look for it in Skin&Ink later this year.

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