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Dream contest Voting Instructions For Dream Tattoo ContestSome have written and have said they are unclear on how to vote for the Dream winner.

On the left side of this page is the link to go to the voting page.

Once on the voting page you can read the four finalists’ stories. Chose the finalist you want to vote for by clicking the button next to chosen finalist.

From there you must go the the bottom of the voting page and click the “vote” button for your vote to be counted.

If you don’t click that button, your vote cannot be cast.

Thanks to everyone who already voted.

Dream contest Voting Is Now Open for the Dream Tattoo ContestClick the link on the left side of the page to vote for the winner of Skin&Ink‘s Win $500.00 Towards Your Dream Tattoo Contest.

The link will take you to a page where you can meet the finalists, read their stories and vote for the finalist that you would like to see receive their dream tattoo.

You can also meet the finalists when you pick up the February issue of Skin&Ink– On Sale Now!

Voting ends on Feb 2 2011.

Good luck to all the finalists!

Christian Perez

Private Eye Studios

New Haven, CT

18. day off the dead girls  827x1024 Artists Gallery– Christian Perez35. tears 773x1024 Artists Gallery– Christian Perez17. cycle 1024x890 Artists Gallery– Christian Perez14. clown  1024x944 Artists Gallery– Christian Perez29. money mind 1 808x1024 Artists Gallery– Christian Perez

A Visit To Long Island, NY

18th 2010

CliffWhite selects 019 A Visit To Long Island, NYWhen we first visited Cliff’s Tattoo in Centereach, NY we were prepared to do a Shop Spotlight feature on the storied ink studio and talk a little tattoo history with owner, Cliff White.

After spending about an hour at his shop and seeing all of the memorabilia and historical materials that Cliff had at his shop, we began to wonder how we were going to fit all of this material into one feature.

Then Cliff took us to his home, which is nothing shop of a museum of tattooing history. The collection runs from some of the earliest (and largest) flash sheets on record to tattooing equipment from well over a half century ago.

It soon became clear that this story would have to be a two-part series. Part I will explore Cliff White and his home collection, while Part II will focuse on the Cliff’s Tattoo shop on Long Island.

We’re sure you will enjoy this very special two-part feature. Look for it in Skin&Ink later this year.

Day Three Of The BTSOE

4th 2010

DSC00176 Day Three Of The BTSOEThe Biggest Tattoo Show on earth concluded today in Vegas and I can’t tell you how fast the weekend flew by. It was all a lot of fun and we got some tremendous coverage.

I look forward to bringing you all the best photos and a killer write up of the event. However, right now you’ll just get a taste of photos taken by me.

Ps- I promise the photos taken by our photographer will do a better job of capturing the beauty and spectacle of the show than the images I knocked out on my cheesy cam.

DSC00159 Day Three Of The BTSOEDSC00175 Day Three Of The BTSOEDSC00166 Day Three Of The BTSOE

DSC001332 Biggest Tattoo Show On Earth– Day Two

Greetings from Mandalay Bay on day two of the Biggest Tattoo Show On Earth. As promised I took more photos than yesterday with my little Sony pocket cam.

Today was amazing. We shot a gazillion people…give or take a few. I also got a chance to get to know some of the other folks who put out tat mags, and our mutual appreciation for ink and the work each of us do added an extra dimension of coolness to the proceedings.

DSC00114 Biggest Tattoo Show On Earth– Day TwoOne thing is for sure, whatever tattoo magazine you choose to buy, you’ll be guaranteed some top notch pics of Marion Barth’s supreme ink gala.

Enjoy and I’ll try to shoot more for ya tomorrow!

DSC001491 Biggest Tattoo Show On Earth– Day TwoDSC00137 Biggest Tattoo Show On Earth– Day TwoDSC00116 Biggest Tattoo Show On Earth– Day TwoDSC00121 Biggest Tattoo Show On Earth– Day TwoDSC00106 Biggest Tattoo Show On Earth– Day Two

First Shots at Vegas Show

2nd 2010

It’s very late, but I wanted to at least post a couple of shots of the opening day of the convention.

We shot well over 100 people and the crowd around our booth was steady through the entire day.

We were so busy I almost forgot to break out my own crappy cam and fire off a shot or two.

Here is a small glimpse into what was going on. I’ll have more tomorrow I swear.

DSC00072 First Shots at Vegas Show

DSC00077 First Shots at Vegas Show

DSC00088 First Shots at Vegas ShowDSC00091 First Shots at Vegas Show