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Wimple Family1 Dream Tattoo Contest Winners– The Wimple FamilyBelow is the letter I received from Dan Wimple. The letter was an entry on behalf of his wife Cathy for the Skin&Ink Win $500.00 Towards Your Dream Tattoo Contest.

With the release of our July issue came the announcement that the Wimple family were voted by the Skin&Ink readers as the contest winners.

For those who have not read the entry, we wanted to share the letter with you one more time.

Congratulations once again to the Wimple family.

Cathy and Daughters Dream Tattoo Contest Winners– The Wimple FamilyHello my name is Dan Wimple, and I am writing you today to enter my wife (Cathy Wimple) into this contest. I think she really deserves a chance in this contest…and this tat will mean the world to her.

My wife and I had twin baby girls…Makinsey Lynn Wimple and Brooklyn Rose Wimple, both born on may 28th 2010. It was the most joyful day of our lives. After a week of being born we found out they both have a heart condition called “Interrupted Aortic Arch” and heart murmurs. They got rushed to another hospital. They both had to go under an open heart surgery. Brooklyn went first and she came out fine. Makinsey went a week later and almost didn’t make it off the table. She had it rough…the docs told my wife and I to say “goodbye” several times. It was very hard on both of us. Well, Makinsey fought hard for almost 3 months, and her twin sister stayed beside her the whole time. My wife spent every day at the hospital. It was very hard on our family since we already have a 4 year old at home too. Well our lil angel Makinsey Lynn didn’t make it. She passed away on August 8, Cathy Wimple Dream Tattoo Contest Winners– The Wimple Family2010. My wife and I had to make the decision to let her go and not let her suffer anymore. We have never ever thought in our 10 years being together that we would have to go through something like that. It’s still hard everyday. I know it’s very hard for my wife since my other angel is now home (Brooklyn) after her twin sister passed away.

My wife has no idea I am entering her into this contest. I know she’s been wanting to get a tat for the girls. She kinda has an idea picked out…a baby wrapped in angel wings…with the saying “now i lay u down to sleep.”

She would love for our friend “Miles” from The Wicked Needle in North Carolina do it. It would have more meaning. We haven’t really had the money or time and they live in NC. I would love to surprise her with a trip to NC and you guys letting her get this tat and writing about it.

Please please give her a chance. This tat will mean the world to my wife, but not only to her but to the rest of my family. Thanks a million.

Dan Wimple

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