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Claire Reid in person International Ink: Claire ReidClaire Reid – A Spiritual Life in Tattooing

Article by Travelin’ Mick

Photography by Claire Reid and Travelin’ Mick

Claire Reid must be one of the most inspired—and inspiring—artists around the tattoo world at the moment. Her work, heavily influenced by oil painting techniques, is easily recognizable for its luminous qualities, graceful use of mostly earthy pastel colors and sheer endless creativity. Reid is a true tattoo artist in the original sense, as well as a dedicated activist for several charitable causes.

This twenty-nine-year-old former art gallery owner, with a university degree in sociology, only started tattooing in 2005, but has already shot up into the ranks of those precious few tattooists who are widely respected among their peers as someone entirely dedicated to her cause.

Find the feature in its entirety in the June/July Anniversary issue of Skin&Ink.

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