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IMG 0863 682x1024 Skin&Ink Doll– Angel AtalanaAngel Atalana

Hometown: Oakland, CA

Occupation/career: Model/sales for H2 Ocean and Steadfast Brand

Sandi Callistro of Denver from Kaze did my hands. Alisha Kates of Life Time of Sol in Denver did my neck. Asa Rodgers of Under Your Skin in Aurora, CO did my sleeves, leg and back.

I got “To Thyne Own Self Be True” because it’s easy to try to please other people without ever really taking a look at yourself and figuring out what’s right for you. I would sacrifice anything for the people I love, sometimes to the point of forgetting what I need and what I deserve.

I’m not an artist on any level, so tattoos are the closest thing to artistic expression I have. Oddly enough they’ve opened a lot of doors for me with H2 Ocean, Steadfast and other great companies.

IMG 0988 Skin&Ink Doll– Angel AtalanaIMG 1014 1024x693 Skin&Ink Doll– Angel AtalanaIMG 1036 1024x664 Skin&Ink Doll– Angel Atalana

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