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Devon2 Skin&Ink Doll/American Hero– Devon RemingtonDevon Remington

Hometown: Aurora, IL

Occupation/career: Army/EMT-B

My artists are Jim Antosh (Fink Ink Elkhorn, Wisconsin) and Lil Man (San Antonio, Texas).

I’ve always loved skulls, and the main reason is because skulls can represent so many different things. They can be dark and scary, or vivid and beautiful. I definitely stick with the vivid and beautiful category–my skulls still remain dominant with their dark shading, but obtain a sense of beauty with all of the bright wildflowers and leaves surrounding them. I chose my pieces to be like that, because they definitely match my personality. And it’s not something you typically see on a nineteen-year-old girl from my town. It Butt Skin&Ink Doll/American Hero– Devon Remingtondefinitely calls for your attention, which is what I want when I go out and show off my ink.

I enlisted into the Army on November 11, 2009. I started out in the Illinois National Guard for the Army. I went through seven months of training to become a Combat Medic. I ended up loving my job so much that I decided to go active duty for the Army as soon as I came home.

The only regulations the Army has with ink are that it cannot be below your wrist collar, or above your neck collar, unless you have a waiver before Devon1 Skin&Ink Doll/American Hero– Devon Remingtonyou enlist. Which is really disappointing, because I’m in love with neck and hand ink and would die to add those to my collection. But the great thing about having ink in the Army is that you meet so many people that you usually would think don’t have any, or you meet people that have some of the best work you’ve ever seen. And not only do you bond with these people because you’re fighting with them for the same cause, but you share a common interest with them beyond the uniform.

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