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S&I Doll – Jessie Rajs

16th 2012

Meet S&I Doll
Jessie Rajs

Jess 193 683x1024 S&I Doll   Jessie RajsJess 1802 683x1024 S&I Doll   Jessie RajsJess 4251 683x1024 S&I Doll   Jessie RajsJess 438 683x1024 S&I Doll   Jessie Rajs

Jessie Rajs

Location/hometown: New Jersey

Occupation/career: Writer


Photographer: Dan Howell

 Here is a Sneak Peek at Our Next Issue

Check out our new issue of Skin&Ink hitting stores around July 3rd. Check out some great articles about Myke Chambers and Mark Halbstark. Plus a bonus mini issue about Horiyoshi III.

Meet S&I Doll- Marie Elaine Torres

MG 84371 S&I Doll  Marie Elaine TorresMG 82721 S&I Doll  Marie Elaine Torres
MG 83001 S&I Doll  Marie Elaine TorresMG 84931 S&I Doll  Marie Elaine Torres

Marie Elaine Torres

Hometown/Current Location: Los Angeles, CA

Career/Occupation: Emergency Dispatcher for Schneider Electric out in Costa Mesa, CA


Photographer: Mike Perez with KingsMedia Photography

Artists Gallery

21st 2012

Lacie Frain

Lacie Frain mantis Artists GalleryLacie Frain muchagirl Artists GalleryLacie Frain flaming baby1 Artists Gallery
Lacie Frain backpiece2 Artists Gallery

Lacie Frain
Phoenix Tattoo Studio
Raleigh, North Carolina

S&I Doll Gisella Rose

20th 2012

Meet S&I Doll Gisella Rose

DSC 5011 nocrop nogt1 S&I Doll Gisella RoseDSC 4976 nocrop nogt1 S&I Doll Gisella RoseDSC 5151 nocrop nogt4 S&I Doll Gisella RoseDSC 5213 nocrop nogt2 S&I Doll Gisella RoseDSC 5089 nocrop nogt2 S&I Doll Gisella RoseGisella Rose

Hometown/Current Location: Grew up in Johannesburg, South Africa, and currently live in Nutley, NJ.

Career/Occupation: Professional body piercer at Starlight Tattoo in Rochelle Park, NJ. Performance artist & alternative model


Photographer: Glenn Tuttle,

S&I Doll – Katy Gold

13th 2012

Meet S&I Doll Katy Gold

IMG 5700 bearb4 S&I Doll   Katy GoldIMG 5266 bearb2 S&I Doll   Katy GoldIMG 5381 bearb2 S&I Doll   Katy Gold

IMG 5171 bearb4 S&I Doll   Katy Gold

Katy Gold

Hometown: Netherlands

Website: Facebook

Photographer: Inspiration Photodesign & Visual Arts

Inked Out NJ

6th 2012

Gil Monte7139 22 Inked Out NJ

Visiting Inked Out New Jersey was like walking through a hall of legends. Every few feet, the show’s ten thousand attendees encountered the most celebrated, historic figures in tattooing today from across the world. Looking to the left, there was Mark Mahoney of the Shamrock Social Club tattooing just feet away from where the infamous Crazy Philadelphia Eddie signed books and made small talk. Bowery Stan Moskowitz tattooed further down the line, telling stories, surrounded by his family. To the right, Gill Montie worked and joked over the buzzing of his tattoo gun not far from where Peter and Petelo Suluape from Samoa and Horitoshi I of Japan exhibited their traditional styles of tattooing, drawing considerable crowds. Veteran tattooers, up-and-comers, long-time collectors and the uninitiated alike converged upon the Meadowlands in Secaucus, NJ, turning the expo center into a three-day-long party and an exhibition of the best work tattooing has to offer.

Read the full article in our August 2012 issue.