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Nov Cover Sneak Peek At The Skin&Ink November 2011 Cover

Miss Ivi

Photographed by Christian Pfammatter

MUAH: Salone Clausen

 FREE Cervena Fox Poster in the September Skin&Ink

8736 680x1024 Skin&Ink Doll– Nikki Napalm

Location/hometown: Southern California

Occupation/career: Fashion designer and merchandiser/professional makeup artist


Photographer: DCImagery/D.Chartier

See and read more about Nikki in the September issue of Skin&Ink. On Sale Now!

8772 Skin&Ink Doll– Nikki Napalm8751 721x1024 Skin&Ink Doll– Nikki Napalm8795 785x1024 Skin&Ink Doll– Nikki Napalm8806 680x1024 Skin&Ink Doll– Nikki Napalm

Skin&Ink Doll– Sherrlynn

15th 2011

IMG 4429VER2 Skin&Ink Doll– SherrlynnSherrlynn Hall

Hometown/location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Career/occupation: Model, makeup artist, mom


Photographer: Megan Slater of Astrum Studios

IMG 4637ver3 1024x683 Skin&Ink Doll– SherrlynnIMG 4443 Skin&Ink Doll– SherrlynnIMG 4519ver2 1024x683 Skin&Ink Doll– Sherrlynn

110418 JMSIS1 2299 Skin&Ink Doll– Jenna MahleJenna Mahle

Location/hometown: Albuquerque, NM

Occupation/career: Model/student


Photographer: PG Photography

See and read more about Jenna Mahle in the September 2011 issue of Skin&Ink.

On Sale Now!

110418 JMSIS1 2309 Skin&Ink Doll– Jenna Mahle110418 JMSIS1 2436 Skin&Ink Doll– Jenna Mahle110418 JMSIS1 2439 Skin&Ink Doll– Jenna Mahle110418 JMSIS1 2458 Skin&Ink Doll– Jenna Mahle

2011 Milan Convention

15th 2011

Milano 2011 213 682x1024 2011 Milan ConventionPhotographs by Travelin’ Mick

See the entire feature in the August 2011 Skin&Ink.

On Sale Now!

Milano 2011 066 682x1024 2011 Milan ConventionMilano 2011 049 2011 Milan ConventionMilano 2011 155 682x1024 2011 Milan ConventionMilano 2011 243 575x1024 2011 Milan ConventionMilano 2011 157 682x1024 2011 Milan ConventionMilano 2011 216 2011 Milan Convention

Image 210 682x1024 Skin&Ink Doll– Kelsey AlexandraKelsey Alexandra

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Occupation/career: Server

Photography: Mike Basso

The story about the name on my organ heart tattoo is actually the name I call my grandmother. I am Latin but can’t speak a word of Spanish. So when I was little I couldn’t pronounce the word “abuelita,” which means grandma. I could only say “Ita.” From this day I call my grandmother Ita and hold her so dear to my heart.

Lenny at Big Daddy’s Tattoo shop in Harbor city is my artist. He’s the best! The piece on my left shoulder says, “Caterpillar by day, butterfly by night.” It’s my favorite quote by Coco Chanel. I am timid during the day and live for the night and the quote couldn’t describe me any better.

Image 239 701x1024 Skin&Ink Doll– Kelsey Alexandra

Image 242 1024x751 Skin&Ink Doll– Kelsey Alexandra

Image 095 1024x682 Skin&Ink Doll– Kelsey AlexandraShawnstudios2 682x1024 Skin&Ink Doll– Kelsey Alexandra