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Chad Chase

Venom Ink Tattoo

Sanford, ME

chad chase 10 venom ink Artists Gallery: March 2012 Issue – Chad Chasechad chase13 venom ink Artists Gallery: March 2012 Issue – Chad Chasechad chase2 venom ink Artists Gallery: March 2012 Issue – Chad Chasechad chase 12 venom ink Artists Gallery: March 2012 Issue – Chad Chasechad chase1 venom ink Artists Gallery: March 2012 Issue – Chad Chase

Bike Tat1 31st National Motorcycle and Tattoo Show

31st National Motorcycle and Tattoo Show

March 31– April 1

Better Living Center

Toronto, Ontario

Toronto’s longest running springtime motorcycle show and swap meet is adding a new feature to their event. The 31st Annual National Motorcycle & Tattoo Show will also feature dozens of tattoo artists showcasing their talent and offering their services onsite in an exclusive section of the building.

The National Motorcycle & Tattoo Show is a retail marketplace of motorcycle merchandise and more. The Canadian National Bike Builders Showcase also returns, featuring the best custom and vintage motorcycles on display competing for cash and awards. The ever popular used bike lot and motorcycle auction rounds out the four shows in one, making the Better Living Centre at Exhibition Place in Toronto the place you will want to be for the start of motorcycle season.

Hubless3 1024x604 31st National Motorcycle and Tattoo ShowThere are motorcyclists with tattoos, and there are tattoos of motorcycles, and to expand on something requested by the show’s audience, the promoters have opened up a whole new section of the building catering to tattoo artists. There will be dozens of artisans flying their handiwork all weekend long. Get that tattoo you’ve been thinking about from one of our many tattoo artists in attendance.

The 31st National Motorcycle and Tattoo Show in Toronto certainly offers the best of both worlds.

s22 1024x682 The Return Of The Skin&Ink Win $500.00 Towards Your Dream Tattoo Contest

This is Cathy and Dan Wimple– The winners of last year’s Win $500.00 Towards Your Dream Tattoo Contest. Read a feature on the Wimple’s and the moving story behind Cathy’s dream tat in the Nov issue of Skin&Ink. We’re also announcing the call for entrees for the Dream Tattoo Contest II in the issue. On Sale Sept 6! You’ll be able to enter the contest through the entry form in the magazine or here at Stay tuned for more details.

Skin&Ink Doll– Meredith

14th 2011

Photography by Timeline Photography

Meredith 1 Skin&Ink Doll– MeredithMeredith 2 Skin&Ink Doll– MeredithMeredith 4 Skin&Ink Doll– MeredithMeredith 7 Skin&Ink Doll– Meredith

Skin&Ink writer/photographer Mary D’Aloisio covered the 2011 Philadelphia Tattoo Convention for our July 2011 edition. Here is a sample of the attendee portraits that Mary shot for us. See the entire coverage in our latest issue, on sale now.

114 2011 Philadelphia Tattoo Convention

213 2011 Philadelphia Tattoo Convention

58 2011 Philadelphia Tattoo Convention

410 2011 Philadelphia Tattoo Convention

69 2011 Philadelphia Tattoo Convention

81 2011 Philadelphia Tattoo Convention

73 2011 Philadelphia Tattoo Convention

4a 2011 Philadelphia Tattoo Convention

312 2011 Philadelphia Tattoo Convention

113 In The New Skin&Ink– Ladies, Ladies! Art Show Women in Tattoo: “Ladies, Ladies!” Art Show

By Marisa Kakoulas

Photography by JJ Ignotz

At Brooklyn’s Tattoo Culture Studio and Art Gallery, on December 10th, as a throng of tattooed masses spilled out onto the sidewalk, the chatter could be heard from down the block. The excitement was over the exhibition inside: an art show described as “historically important” by veteran tattooist Juli Moon, for its celebration of women tattoo artists as fine artists.

212 In The New Skin&Ink– Ladies, Ladies! Art Show The “Ladies, Ladies!” Art Show, curated by Elvia Iannaccone Gezlev (aka Miss Elvia) and Emma Griffiths, featured works from over fifty female tattooists, including those who have been tattooing for over thirty years like Madame Vyvyn Lazonga, Pat Sinatra, Debbie Lenz and Juli Moon. And these modern godmothers of tattoo were all in attendance at the opening. “Having Vyvyn, Pat, Juli and Debbie all come to the opening was just magic, as they are heroes of mine and their longevity and commitment to tattooing means so much,” said Griffiths. The crowd flocked around these legends, particularly upcoming artists who were hungry for advice or a good story. Even Juli herself 311 In The New Skin&Ink– Ladies, Ladies! Art Show expressed reverence for her fellow groundbreaker: “When I started tattooing over thirty-three years ago, there weren’t that many women. Vyvyn Lazonga was my hero, and I’m so happy she’s here!” She added, “I think it’s important for the world to know that, yes, we are artists. We not only tattoo but we do all different types of art.” Indeed, a variety of artistic media were on view, from oil paintings to photographs to drawings to mixed media.

Read the entire article in the July issue of Skin&Ink. On sale now.

49 In The New Skin&Ink– Ladies, Ladies! Art Show 57 In The New Skin&Ink– Ladies, Ladies! Art Show

68 In The New Skin&Ink– Ladies, Ladies! Art Show

Skin&Ink Doll–Hollie Sweets

8th 2011

IMG 6902 682x1024 Skin&Ink Doll–Hollie Sweets

Hollie Sweets appeared as a Skin&Ink Doll in our Feb 2011 issue.

Hometown: Aurora, CO

Occupation: Inventory manager for Myxed Up Creations

Photography by Sean Hartgrove

My artists are Chris Stucker, Dirk, Matt Victor and Bob Ashbaugh.

The tattoo on my calf is a representation of my Catholic upbringing and my own personal interpretation of the influences it has had on me. The inner calf says “Deliver Me From Evil” over filigree, and the outer calf shows a dagger stabbing through an anatomical heart, which to me demonstrates my strength fighting all evil that comes into my life.

The piece on my left shoulder was originally to be a story of mine and my fiancé’s life together. Now the tattoo is a memorial for the memories of the life I had with him and for his brother, who was killed in a tragic car accident near the end of our relationship. I use it as a daily reminder that nothing lasts forever–you must savor every day and live your live to the fullest with no regrets.

My body is my canvas and I only have artwork done that means something real to me. I use ink as an outlet for self-expression. As a person with quite a bit of artwork, I always have to deal with the narrow-minded people who assume that I am something that I am not. I decided long ago that if they are so quick to judge me, then they aren’t deserving enough to be in my life–their loss, not mine.

IMG 3102 238x300 Skin&Ink Doll–Hollie Sweets

IMG 6830 187x300 Skin&Ink Doll–Hollie Sweets