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More Boston Pics!

6th 2011

You wanted more Boston photos, so here ya go. Remember, you can see and read all about the latest Boston convention in the latest issue of Skin&ink.

bostontattoo10 floor 304 More Boston Pics!

bostontattoo10 floor 257 More Boston Pics!

bostontattoo10 050 002 More Boston Pics!

bostontattoo10 047 005 More Boston Pics!

bostontattoo10 floor 236 More Boston Pics!

bostontattoo10 038 0081 More Boston Pics!

bostontattoo10 026 0111 More Boston Pics!

bostontattoo10 008 0234 More Boston Pics!

bostontattoo10 019 0021 More Boston Pics!

Dream contest Voting Is Now Open for the Dream Tattoo ContestClick the link on the left side of the page to vote for the winner of Skin&Ink‘s Win $500.00 Towards Your Dream Tattoo Contest.

The link will take you to a page where you can meet the finalists, read their stories and vote for the finalist that you would like to see receive their dream tattoo.

You can also meet the finalists when you pick up the February issue of Skin&Ink– On Sale Now!

Voting ends on Feb 2 2011.

Good luck to all the finalists!

Dream contest Voting For the Dream Tattoo Contest WinnerThe voting for the winner of Skin&Ink’s Win $500.00 Towards Your Dream Tattoo Contest will begin on December 21. This is the date that the February issue is officially released.

I know that the new issue has been released in some places already. This issue includes a feature on the four contest finalists along with instructions on coming to this site to vote for the winner. This has led to people contacting us and asking about the voting, so I wanted to clear things up.

Please feel free to come back on Dec 21 to begin voting for the Skin&Ink’s Win $500.00 Towards Your Dream Tattoo Contest winner.

Thanks for your interest in the contest as well as our magazine!

tat41 680x1024 S&I Artists Gallery Features Phil BlastPhil Blast

A New Dimension Tattoo

Palm Springs, FL

See Phil Blast and other great artists in the January issue of Skin&Ink.

On Sale now!

tat2 680x1024 S&I Artists Gallery Features Phil Blasttat33 1024x680 S&I Artists Gallery Features Phil Blasttat22 680x1024 S&I Artists Gallery Features Phil Blasttat12 680x1024 S&I Artists Gallery Features Phil Blast

Inked To The Max

22nd 2010

SkinInk Unimax 1 1024x818 Inked To The Max

Article by Miles Andersen

Photography by Steve Prue

One flight up at number 269 on New York’s famous Canal Street sits Unimax Tattoo Supply, a one-stop shop for most everything related to the practice of body modification. Unimax was founded and is owned to this day by tattoo scene veteran of over 20 years, Wes Wood. The store has long been a fixture on Canal Street and the shop has been at the current address for the past decade. The vibe at Unimax is laid back and the absence of attitude makes for an experience that is just as painless for newbie collectors and fledgling artists as it is for the veteran set. A large part of the charm and personality of the establishment comes from two of the Unimax employees, Vanessa Fortin and Caitlyn Breen. Both Native New Yorkers, Vanessa has managed Unimax East (there is a sister shop in Arlington, TX) for most of the ten years she’s been with the company. Caitlyn was hired onto the sales and floor staff in 2008.

SkinInk Unimax 2 725x1024 Inked To The MaxVanessa got bitten by the tattoo bug as a youngster when her parents owned an art gallery in Upstate New York. Across the street from the gallery lived a couple of bikers whose ink collections planted the seed for Vanessa’s future love affair with the ink and needle. Vanessa’s family relocated to New Mexico, where she later began working with tattoo equipment, a skill that would one day get her foot in the door when she came back to the Big Apple and applied for work at Unimax.

“I got the job here because I knew how to make tattoo machines.” Vanessa explains.  “That was my in.” Vanessa moved up quickly in the company and was managing the

New York store within her first year of employment.”

SkinInk Unimax 3 547x1024 Inked To The MaxIt was about two years ago that Vanessa and Caitlyn’s paths first crossed when the girl from Long Island, and current Brooklyn resident came to Vanessa looking for work. “With Caitlyn, anything goes,” Vanessa says of her close friend and co-worker. “She’s young and she’s got great energy. I love to be around that.”

Growing up in Port Washington, Caitlyn didn’t see a whole lot of heavily tatted people, but she found herself intrigued by the artwork and colors of the tattoo community members she did occasional encounter.

Caitlyn says that the pieces in her collection hold no hidden meanings or contain an autobiographical element. “When I see something I like, I’ll be like, ‘I want that tattooed on me,” says Caitlyn who describes her pieces as running from the “ridiculous” to the “classic.” Caitlyn got her first piece, the lightening bolt on her wrist, when she and her sister cut school to get inked. She followed that up with the ivy on her hips, work she regrettably has yet to complete. The prized piece in Caitlyn’s collection is the portrait of Marylin Monroe that sits on her upper right leg that was inked by Lalo from Sacred Tattoo, a New York shop founded and owned by Wes Wood. Caitlyn’s main artist these days is her boyfriend Mike Deering, who works out of A-List Tattoo in the Bay Ridge area of Brooklyn.

It was during her time in New Mexico developing the craft of machine building that Vanessa embarked on her own collection. “None of this was really planned,” said Vanessa about her intricate sleeve work. “I sort of just went piece by piece with it. You can see that I like lots of color. A big part of this is being able to find the right artist. A lot of artists contributed to the work, too many to star naming them.”

One of the more outstanding and meaningful pieces on Vanessa’s skin is the lone portrait in her collection, Frida Kahlo on her left leg. The piece is a tribute to her favorite artist and someone she has looked up to since childhood. “I love her and I wanted to be able to carry her around with me,” Vanessa confides.

SkinInk Unimax 4 640x1024 Inked To The MaxAside from the work the ladies do at the shop, another element of their job entails representing the company at many of the region’s conventions, a facet of the job that Caitlyn Breen takes great pleasure in. “I love doing the conventions,” says Caitlyn. “I love meeting people and getting to see old friends. Whenever there’s a convention coming up, I jump all over it.” And being able to share the experience with a good friend is the icing on the proverbial cake for Caitlyn. “Vanessa has become a very good friend, and she’s also the best manager I have ever worked for. I’m very happy here.”

As for Vanessa Fortin, she has achieved what most people can only dream of– being able to make a living doing what makes her happy. “I love this company and I hope to grow even more with it. I don’t have any plans on leaving anytime soon. And Caitlyn’s friendship and energy helps keep me going. This really feels like home for me.”

Unimax East

269 Canal St

New York, NY 10013


Unimax West

2055 E Division St.

Arlington, Texas 76011


Dream contest 300x214 The Dream Tattoo Contest Has Closed!The Skin&Ink Dream Tattoo Contest has officially closed to entries. Thanks to all who entered.

The amount of entries was overwhelming and the stories of the dream tattoos of our readers were incredible to read.

Look for the finalists to be announced in an upcoming issue of Skin&Ink and make sure to vote for your favorite dream tattoo story.

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Feel free to get involved. Write us and post stuff so we can get to know you, and mingle with other S&I readers.

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