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Skin&Ink Doll– Missy McDarty

15th 2011

Missy McDarty

Hometown/location: Dallas, TX

Career/occupation: Waitress/clerk/blocked artist

Photographer: A to Zed Photography, Dallas

See more of Missy in the Skin&Ink December 2011 issue. On Sale now!

DSC2366 12 Skin&Ink Doll– Missy McDarty                   DSC2359 8 Skin&Ink Doll– Missy McDarty                   DSC2336 2 Skin&Ink Doll– Missy McDarty                   DSC2357 7 Skin&Ink Doll– Missy McDarty

Meet Arizona Artist– Siva

22nd 2010

From Artists Gallery– Skin&Ink  November 2010


Sacred Fire Tattoos

Cornville, AZ

100 0641 816x1024 Meet Arizona Artist– Siva100 0808 768x1024 Meet Arizona Artist– Siva100 0093 768x1024 Meet Arizona Artist– SivaDSCN2299 1024x768 Meet Arizona Artist– Siva100 0589 1024x768 Meet Arizona Artist– Siva

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